(Frequently Asked Questions)
  • General

  • Are Sounds Automatically Imported when Merging Sets?

    YES, You can now easily create your perfect SET with a few easy clicks.
    All Managers are now capable of Automatically Importing All Relevant User Sounds & Samples when Merging from other Sets.
    When a Style / Performance / Pad is copied from another SET, KORG PA Manager Automatically detects which User Sound or UserDK is being used, then all necessary Sounds / Multisamples / Samples are imported in to your own SET.

    When a Sound is Imported, it is automatically placed in its original location, if the slot is empty, otherwise it is automatically re-assigned to a new slot and remaps / updates the original location, be it a Style / Perf / Pad.
    It has also been cleverly designed Not to import Duplicated sounds or samples to save RAM space.

    Please Note: PAD Sounds are not imported when a Style is being copied. This will be added in a future update.

  • I'm an Existing Customer. How do I Upgrade to version 3.x?

    You can simply UPGRADE to version 3.x by using your existing Activation Code to be your Discount Code at the checkout page.
    Or you can Automatically do this by clicking on the UPGRADE button at the Main screen when you start KORG PA Manager.

    Upgrade Fees are as follows:

    LITE > v3 Upgrade | £50 GBP
    v2 > v3 Upgrade | £50 GBP
    v1 > v3 Upgrade | £70 GBP

  • Difference between KPM vs KPM LITE

      KORG PA Manager LITE KORG PA Manager
      KPM Logo Lite KPM Logo
    Auto Sound & Sample Copy/Transfer
    Support All KORG PA Models
    Language Support English only 25 Languages Supported
    SAMPLE Manager
    SET Compress & Decompress
    PCM Manager
    STYLE Properties
    Detailed MultiSample Info
    Bank / Page Right Click - Copy & Paste
    HTML Reports

  • What Operating Systems does KORG PA Manager work with?

    Win 7, 8, 8.1, Win 10

    KORG PA Manager Runs directly under winLogo Windows only.
    appleLogo Mac Platform is no longer supported via WineBottler. Alternatively, you can use Boot Camp to run Windows on your Mac.
    Virtual Machines are NOT supported.

    Click here download KPM.

  • Which Keyboard Models does KORG PA Manager Support?

    KORG PA Manager supports *All KORG PA Series Models. This includes:

    PA50 / PA60 / PA80 / PA1X
    PA2X / PA800 / PA500 / PA588
    PA3X / PA3X OR / PA600 / PA600 QT / PA900 / PA300 / PA3X Le
    PA4X / PA4X OR / PA700 / PA1000

    *Please Note: Although All models are supported, there is Limited MG support due to Locked / Encrypted resources.

  • Which Languages does KORG PA Manager Support?

    KORG PA Manager LITE only supports English.
    KORG PA Manager supports 25 Languages.

      English English Greek Greek Serbian Serbian
      Arabic Arabic Hebrew Hebrew Serbian Slovak
      Azeri Azeri Hungarian Hungarian Spanish Spanish
      Bulgarian Bulgarian Italian Italian Swedish Swedish
      Chinese [Simplified] Chinese [Simplified] Persian Persian Turkish Turkish
      Czech Czech Polish Polish Vietnamese Vietnamese
      Danish Danish Portuguese Portuguese  
      Dutch Dutch Romanian Romanian  
      French French Russian Russian  
      German German    

  • Can I listen to Styles/Sounds when using KORG PA Manager?

    No. KORG PA Manager is an external editor, meaning it has no direct connection to a keyboard.

    However, you are able to preview/listen to Samples from within a Multisample or a User DrumKit Sound.

  • Does it work with the latest 4X OS v2?

    Yes. KORG PA Manager has Full OS V2 support.

  • Does KORG PA Manager work with USB Locked SETs?

    Yes, KORG PA Manager works with Encrypted / USB Locked SETs.
    Locked PCM Samples are supported, however, other Locked resources, such as Style/Sounds are currently not supported.
    Please try the DEMO to make sure your Locked set can be loaded.

    However, you cannot listen/preview locked samples.
    *Please note, the original USB(s) will still be required when loading the SET back on to the Keyboard.

  • Can I Convert a PA3X Set to PA800/2X SET?

    No, but the SOUND Manager is capable of converting *PA3X Sounds to PA800/2X Format. (*Compressed samples are automatically uncompressed for 2X/800 Models). Styles / Performances / Pads, currently cannot be converted.

  • Can I Convert a PA4X Set to a PA3X SET?

    SET conversions from one model to another is currently not possible.

    However, the SOUND Manager is capable of converting *PA4X Sounds to 3X/PA800/2X Format. (*Compressed samples are automatically uncompressed for 2X/800 Models). Styles / Performances / Pads, currently cannot be converted.

  • Can I compress/uncompress Samples with KORG PA Manager?

    *Yes! As of v3.1+, Compression & DeCompression is supported.

    *Note: Compression is currently NOT supported on Mac systems.

  • Does KPM Support PA800 with 16 Page DK OS + 256MB RAM?

    Yes. KORG PA Manager has FULL support with the 16 Page DK PA800 OS + standard or 256MB Ram.

  • Can I Export Styles to Midi?

    Currently not. Maybe in future versions.

  • Do I need an Internet Connection to use KORG PA Manager

    Yes. A constant Internet Connection is required, to use KORG PA Manager and cannot be used offline.