Version History
#Version 3.3.7301 (Build: 01 January 2020)

*STYLE Manager - Fixed possible Freeze when clicking on PADs
*SOUND Manager - Decibel to Value Conversion correction
*SOUND Manager - Deleting an MS defaults sound to Factory 0
*PAD Manager - Fix on Loading Older Model PADs in Newer SETs
*Fixed remapping issue when Pasting US5-6 Sounds from 4X to PA1000/700
*Fixed Win7 No Connection message on close

#Version 3.3.6801 (Build: 01 August 2019)

*PAD Manager - Improved support with locked SETs
*Fixed PA4X OS Next to PA700/PA1000 DK Copy/Paste issue
*Fixed issue with loading PADs not showing on STYLE Manager
*Fixed issue with new Created Multisamples playing internal samples
*Fixed issue with PA4X OS Next User Bank locations
*Minor internal fixes & improvements

#Version 3.3.6424 (Build: 24 April 2019)

+PA4X OS v3 NeXT Support Added | 400MB Max
+PA1000 OS 1.3 Support
+PA700 OS 1.4 Support
+Improved LOCAL Support
*SOUND Manager - DK Layer 8 Velocity issue fixed
*SAMPLE Manager - Replace Function Crash issue fixed
*Minor internal Fixes

#Version 3.2.6101 (Build: 01 January 2019)

*SOUND Manager - DK Fixes
*PAD Manager - Stability Improvements
*Internal Stability Improvements

#Version 3.2.5820 (Build: 20 October 2018)

*SAMPLE Manager - Improved Compression
*SOUND Manager - 4X > 3X/2X Improved Conversion
*Internal Stability Improvements

#Version 3.2.5710 (Build: 10 September 2018)

*PA700/1000 USDK2 Fix

#Version 3.2.5505 (Build: 05 July 2018)

*PA4X/PA700/PA1000 Improved OS Support
*Internal Stability Improvements

#Version 3.2.5414 (Build: 14 June 2018)

*File Viewer Search Fix
*SAMPLE Manager - Improvements
*Internal Improvements

#Version 3.2.5404 (Build: 04 June 2018)

+PA4X OS v2.2 Support Added
+PA700 OS v1.3 Support Added
+PA1000 OS v1.2 Support Added
*PAD Manager - Local Bank Fix
*SOUND Manager - Copy DK Fixed for PA80
*SOUND Manager - PA80 Duplicate MS Copy fix
+SOUND Manager 'Copy DK Setting to All' Menu added
+SOUND Manager 'Copy All DK Setting to All Keys' Menu added
+SAMPLE Manager - PA80 - Convert Stereo wav to Mono
*Internal Improvements

#Version 3.2.5310 (Build: 10 May 2018)

+KORG PA700 Support Added
+KORG PA1000 Support Added
+SAMPLE Manager - Get MS Info Menu Added
+SOUND Manager 'Copy DK Setting' Menu added
+Spanish Language Added
+Azeri Language Added
+Improved Memory Management
*PERFORMANCE Manager - PA4X OS V2 Sound Copy issue fixed
*Internal Improvements

#Version 3.1.5112 (Build: 12 March 2018)

+Available Memory - New PA80 8MB Memory option added
+Improved Support for OR / MG Models
*PA1X PCG Fixes
*PA1X UID Fixes
*PA600 DK Bank position issue - Fixed
*Copy/Paste Version issue Fixed
*STYLE Manager - PAGE Paste Menu Disabled issue Fixed
*SAMPLE Manager - Noise when decompressing Samples issue Fixed
*SAMPLE Manager - Sample Replace sometimes caused issues - Fixed
*SAMPLE Manager - MultiSample Import Improvements
*SOUND Manager - 4X to 2X/800 Conversion issue Fixed
*SOUND Manager - Delete MS Sample Play Mixup issue Fixed
*Internal Improvements

#Version 3.1.4910 (Build: 10 January 2018)

+SOUND Manager - Now Plays True Stereo Samples
+SOUND Manager - Export DK Stereo Samples as a Single Stereo .WAV
+PCM Manager - Search option Added
+SAMPLE Select Window - Loads 3x faster
+SAMPLE Select Window - Search option Added
+CTRL+F Shortcut key added for Search Box
*Improved PCM Handling with Commercial Locked USB Sets
*SAMPLE Manager - Improved Compression with non English Systems
*STYLE Manager - Reading PA4X OS v2 Fav Names issue - fixed
*PA600 - UserDK Display issue - fixed
*Internal Improvements

#Version 3.1.4812 (Build: 12 December 2017)

+MultiSample Manager - Sample Change now also updates the Original Note
+MultiSample Manager - Export a MultiSample even if it has unreferenced Samples
+SOUND Manager - New Right-Click Menu [Default Sample] on DK Key
+SOUND Manager - When Importing a .WAV File, the META name will be used
*SOUND Manager - Export DK Wav export error fixed
*SOUND Manager - Some DK samples were incorrectly shown as Unreferenced - fixed
*PAD Manager - Fixed an issue whilst copying a DK from the DK2 bank
*SAMPLE Manager - Improved support when deleting unused samples
*Compressed Sample Playback issue for Mac OS - Fixed
*Improved PA80 File Handling

#Version 3.1.4725 (Build: 25 November 2017)

*Paste Menu not active on Bank 1 - Fixed
*Incorrect Calculation of DeCompressed Sample Size Fixed
*PA4X DK Convert Incorrect Volume Level issue Fixed
*PERFORMANCE Manager - Issue with older PA4X Perfs Fixed
*Improved Support with LOCAL Models
+SOUND Manager - DK Wav Export now exports L/R Stereo Samples too
+SOUND Manager - Drag & Drop support for .WAV Files
+SAMPLE Manager - Compress Duration / Right Click menu added
+'Default' Menu added when you Right Click on a Value
+New Menu to Clear Ram on 2nd Loaded SET
*Internal Stability improvements

#Version 3.1.4630 (Build: 30 October 2017)

+Compressed Sample Playback Support
+STYLE Manager - Import STS/Kbd SET Sound Support Added
+STYLE Manager - Skip Muted STS/Kbd SET Sound Support Added
+STYLE Manager - Copy / Paste / Delete Page Added
+SOUND Manager - Convert PA4X Sounds to PA3X/PA2X
+SOUND Manager - Copy / Paste / Delete Page Added
+SOUND Manager - Export Whole DK User Samples to .WAV
+SOUND Manager - Directly Import .Wav to DK Key
+SOUND Manager - New DK Sample Select Window
+SAMPLE Manager - Compress / Decompress SET or Individual Samples
+SAMPLE Manager - Sample Search option Added
+SAMPLE Manager - Sample Replace Menu Added
+SAMPLE Manager - Sample Category Select Menu Added
+PERFORMANCE Manager - Copy / Paste / Delete Page Added
+PAD Manager - Copy / Paste / Delete Page Added
+New Shortcut Menu on each Manager for File Viewer & New KPM Window
+SAVE Window - Select All option Added
+FILE Viewer - Search option added
+Persian Language Added
*PA800 256MB OS Set Full issue fixed
*Internal Stability improvements

#Version 3.0.4422 (Build: 22 August 2017)

*Fixed issue with possible Overfilling PA800/3X UserDK Bank
*Fixed possible crash when working in PA500 Mode

#Version 3.0.4414 (Build: 14 August 2017)

*PA4X OS V2 Style Open Fix
*PA4X OS V2 Resources disappearing after save - fixed
*ReMap issue with USDK2 Sounds - fixed
*Internal Stability improvements

#Version 3.0.4404 (Build: 04 August 2017)

+PA4X OS v2 Support
+Improved PA4X Style Support
*Updated PA4X v2 Sound Library
+SOUND Manager - New 'DEL' Shortcut to Reset values
*SOUND Manager - Export MultiSample button was disabled - fixed
*SAMPLE Manager - Support for Unicode .WAV File Names
*Correct SOUND Size Calculation Improvements
*STYLE Manager - Fixed PAD issue with older 4X Styles

#Version 3.0.4302 (Build: 02 July 2017)

*Fixed SET Save error 380
*Improved Duplicate Name Detection
*Internal Stability improvements

#Version 3.0.4228 (Build: 28 June 2017)

*Fixed issue when saving a SET caused from previous update
*STYLE Properties - Update button wasn't enabled after Sound Change
*STYLE Properties - Improved PA80 Support
*Fixed Issue with importing .KSF Files

#Version 3.0.4226 (Build: 26 June 2017)

*Fixed 4X SET Save Issue
*Fixed WAV Import issue
*SAMPLE Manager - Fixed 1 Byte Off on Looped Sample Size
*Improved Unicode Support
*Internal Stability improvements

#Version 3.0.4220 (Build: 20 June 2017)

*Improved support with Duplicate Sample Detection
*Improved handling with Missing Sample References
*Improved support with PA800 sets
*Improved Auto Model detection
*PCG OSC LOW MS Sample 0 missing issue fixed
*Fixed 16Page OS Reset on New Set Merge load
Manager - Fixed Message Loop when set was Full
*PCM Manager - Improved Detection of corrupt PCMs
*Internal Stability improvements

#Version 3.0.4206 (Build: 06 June 2017)

*Fixed crash with Mac systems

#Version 3.0.4205 (Build: 05 June 2017)

*Fixed PC Restart issue
*Improved support for USB Locked Sets
*SOUND Manager - Potential bug when copying a Bank without PCMs
+Sample Manager - prev / next buttons added for MS List Selection
*Internal Stability improvements

#Version 3.0.4120 (Build: 20 May 2017)

*SET FULL 16Page DK Issue Fixed
*Improved Sound Detection when Analysing
*STYLE Manager - PA4X Pad Assign issue fixed
*Duplicate Sound Names are now automatically appended
*Internal Stability improvements

#Version 3.0.4024 (Build: 24 April 2017)

*Improved Automatic Sound Transfer
*Improved Automatic Sample Transfer
*Improved support for USB Locked SETs
*Possible incorrect display of Sound Size calculation
*Performance Manager - 4X Performance Auto Copy issue Fixed
*Performance Manager - 'Check Sound Existance' crash with 4X sets Fixed
*PAD Manager - 4X to 4X Pad copy Version alert issue fixed
+Support for PA800 16Page OS for Automatic Sound Transfer
*SOUND Manager - Fixed an issue opening PA80 UserDK sounds
+SOUND Manager - Improved PA800 16Page OS Detection
*SOUND Manager - Bank Paste was always disabled / fixed
+Improved overflow size handling
*Improved PA800 Sample transfer
*Internal Stability improvements

#Version 3.0.4008 (Build: 08 April 2017)

*4X Performance Auto Copy issue Fixed
*Style Manager 4X correct display of Fav Names Fixed
*Possible incorrect display of Sound Size calculation
*Improved PA800 Files support

#Version 3.0.4001 (Build: 01 April 2017)

+PA4X / PA4X OR Support
+PA3X OR Support
+PA600 QT Support
+Automatically Import ANY related User Sound / DK from other SETs
+Automatically Copies necessary Sounds and re-maps original locations
+NEW SET creating capability
+New SAMPLE Editor
+New Re-Designed SAMPLE Manager
+New Re-Designed PCM Manager
+New Re-Designed FILE Viewer
+PA300 Sample SUPPORT
+STYLE Manager - Detect the User Sound Size of a Style
+STYLE Manager - Option to Copy a Style without Importing User Sounds
+STYLE Properties - Now displays all available CVs
*STYLE Properties - Some Styles displayed incorrect Tact - Fixed
+PAD Manager - Factory Bank Support
+PAD Manager - Local Bank Support
+PAD Manager - Option to Copy a Pad without Importing User Sound
*PAD Manager - Reports are now created much faster
+SAMPLE Manager - .KSF Korg File Import Support
*SAMPLE Manager - Improved .KMP MultiSample Support with SMF1 Header
+MULTISample Manager - New Zone Selection added
+MULTISample Manager - New Quick Sample Select Window added
+PERFORMANCE Manager - Option to Copy a Performance without Importing User Sound(s)
+SOUND Manager - Add/Remove OSC Layers
+SOUND Manager - Edit OSC Trigger Mode Added
+SOUND Manager - Create New Sound 'Menu'
+SOUND Manager - Export Individual DK User Samples to .WAV
*SOUND Manager - Reports are now created much faster
+File Viewer - Export Reports as .CSV
+Czech Language Support Added
+Hungarian Language Support Added
+Romanian Language support Added
+Slovak Language support Added
+Right Click > Cut Option Added
+Date / Time Creation Date is shown where applicable
+Much Faster SET Export - Saves a SET within a few seconds
+Improved PA80 Support
*Overall improved speed performance
*Internal Stability improvements