Pad Manager - Create Time slice loop

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Pad Manager - Create Time slice loop

Post by Nemik »

Great feature, thank you.
When I was working with this, accidentally I imported wave file with 24bit, program didn't catch this and show is 16bit, but loop was not exactly like should be, was cut out on end.
Also when creating multisample, samples are same name :roll: , maybe was be better to name them by number slice ?
Is not big deal, but when you trying organizing samples, is good to have different names.
As default Pa manager creating Pad Sync as Beat, I think better option for Drums beat is SEEK, just my opinion .
When you save Pad on 120bpm, player play 95bpm, means player is not reading correctly or not saving 120bpm.

Hope we can improve this, even if this is not big issue.

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Re: Pad Manager - Create Time slice loop

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Hi Nemik,

Thank you for the feedback.

The keyboard does not support 24bit samples and converts everything to 16bit, which is why the PA Manager also converts to 16bit.

The sample names should have a numerical sequence at the end, unless the Sample Name was too long not to be able to incorporate the digits.

Pad sync as beat / Seek, again is a default setting which needs to be selected / altered by the user as they should after the time slice. But we can change it to SEEK in the future.

The BPM/Tempo is NOT saved on a PAD file, which means playback has no data to read from. It uses the default tempo setting which is 95 BPM.
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