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KORG PA Manager v3 is now Released.


Version History
+PA4X / PA4X OR Support
+PA3X OR Support
+PA600 QT Support
+Automatically Import ANY related User Sound / DK from other SETs
+Automatically Copies necessary Sounds and re-maps original locations
+NEW SET creating capability
+New SAMPLE Editor
+New Re-Designed SAMPLE Manager
+New Re-Designed PCM Manager
+New Re-Designed FILE Viewer
+PA300 Sample SUPPORT
+STYLE Manager - Detect the User Sound Size of a Style
+STYLE Manager - Option to Copy a Style without Importing User Sounds
+STYLE Properties - Now displays all available CVs
*STYLE Properties - Some Styles displayed incorrect Tact - Fixed
+PAD Manager - Factory Bank Support
+PAD Manager - Local Bank Support
+PAD Manager - Option to Copy a Pad without Importing User Sound
*PAD Manager - Reports are now created much faster
+SAMPLE Manager - .KSF Korg File Import Support
*SAMPLE Manager - Improved .KMP MultiSample Support with SMF1 Header
+MULTISample Manager - New Zone Selection added
+MULTISample Manager - New Quick Sample Select Window added
+PERFORMANCE Manager - Option to Copy a Performance without Importing User Sound(s)
+SOUND Manager - Add/Remove OSC Layers
+SOUND Manager - Edit OSC Trigger Mode Added
+SOUND Manager - Create New Sound 'Menu'
+SOUND Manager - Export Individual DK User Samples to .WAV
*SOUND Manager - Reports are now created much faster
+File Viewer - Export Reports as .CSV
+Czech Language Support Added
+Hungarian Language Support Added
+Romanian Language support Added
+Slovak Language support Added
+Right Click > Cut Option Added
+Date / Time Creation Date is shown where applicable
+Much Faster SET Export - Saves a SET within a few seconds
+Improved PA80 Support
*Overall improved speed performance
*Internal Stability improvements

Try your Free Trial now: https://www.korgpamanager.com/download

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