Saxophone Samples.... not assigned [RESOLVED]

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Saxophone Samples.... not assigned [RESOLVED]

Postby jacob smiley » 04 Nov 2017, 23:23

I loaded some saxaphone samples on pa Manager to create as Korg pa sound,After I converted into PCG , the PCm and Dk also created along with this file. When I opened the PCM files on pa manager I could hear sound from ram files as original . But when I loaded this sounds files into my keyboard , instead of saxaphone sound it just making piano sounds, why,,? Please help me , and how to do the sounds and styles from the wave samples and loops.Hope your answer

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Re: KPM V3 Overflow error

Postby Admin » 06 Nov 2017, 00:09

Hi Jacob,

Next time please open a new thread if it's a new problem that you are posting for. (I've split the post from the other thread)

It seems you haven't ASSIGNED the samples to any of the Keys. You need to create a NEW MultiSample from the SAMPLE Manager and add zones to assign samples on them.

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