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Create new sounds

Postby handmusician » 12 Sep 2015, 15:39

I have a pa 600 and try to load 2 sounds created from the same original sound with sample manager (replacing PCM MULTISMP original folders by the new ones) and the 2nd loaded sound stay the same than the first one.
What can i do to create and load any sounds i want ?

For now it's quite hard because :

- To create sound with one sample needs to find from a set a single sample that is not already on the korg and wasn't already used to create and load a new sound on the korg. Not easy to find several single samples ! And we have to remember wich ones were already used. A way is to create the sound from a multisample (as they composed most of sounds from sets) but needs more time to change the mapping and tuning.

- The same for creating a sound with several samples (must have as mush or less sample than the multisample) and it's harder for the mapping and tuning.

Hope future releases give the possibility to create sounds easily without using another one.

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Re: Create new sounds

Postby Admin » 13 Sep 2015, 11:12


You should be using the SOUND Manager to import any sounds you need. Not the Sample Manager.
This will automatically load any necessary samples/Multisamples that are required.

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