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KORG PA Manager v3.0.4024 [released]

Posted: 25 Apr 2017, 00:23
by Admin
KORG PA Manager v3.0.4024 [RELEASED]
#Version 3.0.4024 (Build: 24 April 2017)
*Improved Automatic Sound Transfer
*Improved Automatic Sample Transfer
*Improved support for USB Locked SETs
*Possible incorrect display of Sound Size calculation
*Performance Manager - 4X Performance Auto Copy issue Fixed
*Performance Manager - 'Check Sound Existance' crash with 4X sets Fixed
*PAD Manager - 4X to 4X Pad copy Version alert issue fixed
+Support for PA800 16Page OS for Automatic Sound Transfer
*SOUND Manager - Fixed an issue opening PA80 UserDK sounds
+SOUND Manager - Improved PA800 16Page OS Detection
*SOUND Manager - Bank Paste was always disabled / fixed
+Improved overflow size handling
*Improved PA800 Sample transfer
*Internal Stability improvements