Korg pax, issues with merged set [RESOLVED]

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Korg pax, issues with merged set [RESOLVED]

Postby PA4XArizona » 27 Oct 2017, 14:59


I have recently bought the program and trying to use it. I noticed when I am creating a new set, then copying styles from other sets and then saving the results the save as window will not let me select the performance checkbox to save with the new set. Your FAQ states that the program automatically import everything except Pads and Sts. So how do i ensure the performances are copied?

Then later I decided to use the performance manager to add the performances manually from my oldest sets into this new one. I saved it and all is done. I moved that set to my pa4x to load. The set folder was plain on my pa4x as if the OS does not recognize this to be a valid or complete set? I am not sure why.

If you can explain the process because the videos are either from older versions and don't have complete end to end explaining of the process from start to finish.

Thank you

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Re: Korg pax, issues with merged set

Postby Admin » 27 Oct 2017, 22:10


When creating a New SET and Importing Styles From other SETs. This process naturally only Imports the Styles.
So the reason as to why you cannot click on the Performances checkbox on the Save Window, is simply because there aren't any performances to save.

Once you've saved these New Styles, load the set with the Performance Manager and start importing your Performances from other sets, just like you did with the Styles. Then Save the SET. This time you will have the Performances checkbox enabled along with the Styles.

Same goes for Pads...

Let me know if you need any further help.

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Re: Korg pax, issues with merged set

Postby PA4XArizona » 28 Oct 2017, 00:19

I will try this and update you. My set was around 200MB and although pa4x has 200MB I was getting some message on pa manager that there isn't enough memory left so I stopped there and tried to load the set.

In have added performances, not pads and was not able to load the set. I will share a photo next time

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