Pa600 performances

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Pa600 performances

Postby anthour57 » 26 Feb 2016, 17:03


When i load my PA600 set into the manager and then change the model from PA3X to PA600 some sounds are not found (Factory, Legacy or GM).

If i don't change the model the sounds are present but are not in my PA600.

Is there a problem with the sounds adresses? for example 121.9.49 must be changed to 121.0.49 to get the right sound in the manager's list.


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Re: Pa600 performances

Postby Admin » 26 Feb 2016, 20:38


Your SET may be exported from a PA600, but the Style/Perf/Pad that is using those sounds was most likely created on a PA3X.
Even so, the keyboard may also be doing some internal remapping when sounds are not found. i/e from: 121.9.49 to 121.0.49

The sound 121.9.49 does not actually exist on a PA600. Only the PA900/PA3X/PA4X have this sound.

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