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KORG PA Manager v3.1.4725 [released]

Posted: 25 Nov 2017, 19:11
by Admin
#Version 3.1.4725 (Build: 25 November 2017)
*Paste Menu not active on Bank 1 - Fixed
*Incorrect Calculation of DeCompressed Sample Size Fixed
*PA4X DK Convert Incorrect Volume Level issue Fixed
*PERFORMANCE Manager - Issue with older PA4X Perfs Fixed
*Improved Support with LOCAL Models
+SOUND Manager - DK Wav Export now exports L/R Stereo Samples too
+SOUND Manager - Drag & Drop support for .WAV Files
+SAMPLE Manager - Compress Duration / Right Click menu added
+'Default' Menu added when you Right Click on a Value
+New Menu to Clear Ram on 2nd Loaded SET
*Internal Stability improvements