KORG PA Manager v2.1 [RELEASED]

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KORG PA Manager v2.1 [RELEASED]

Postby Admin » 10 Nov 2015, 20:11

KORG PA Manager v2.1 [RELEASED]
#Version 2.1.2310 (Build: 10 November 2015)
+Support with Locked USB SETs
+SAMPLE Manager - Create a New MultiSample from scratch
+SAMPLE Manager - 'Add Zone' button Added
+SAMPLE Manager - Support for 8/16bit STEREO Wav Import
+SAMPLE Manager - Improved WAV Import Support
+SAMPLE Manager - Detect if WAV Sample exists before importing
+STYLE Manager - 'NEW Set' button added
*STYLE Manager - Fixed incorrect display of Style Bank Label Names
+STYLE Properties - Enhanced Report - Shows User Sound Usage Count
*STYLE Properties - Fixed a possible Sound ReMap problem
*STYLE Properties - Fixed a possible problem with Styles from Older 3X OS's
+SOUND Manager - 'NEW Set' button added
+SOUND Manager - Delete MultiSample button Enabled
+SOUND Manager - New Right-Click Menu on DK Key [Set Sample to Empty]
*SOUND Manager - Improved Support for PA1X Files
*SOUND Manager - Fixed Sample Size correction when Importing Sounds/Samples
*SOUND Manager - Better crash prevention with larger PCM file handling
+PERFORMANCE Manager - 'NEW Set' button added
+PERFORMANCE Manager - Fixed incorrect sound display number with HTML Report
+PAD Manager - 'NEW Set' button added
+PCM Manager - Individual identifies Locked Samples rather than per PCM
*WAV Export - Incorrect Filesize [1 Byte extra] Fix
*WAV Export - Meta Tag Data Added on All WAV Exports
*MultiSample Manager - Improved .KMP File Handling
*Much more Memory Efficient - Almost (50%)
*Related File Association Icons now display properly in explorer
+Main Screen - New Window button added - [Mac only]
+Danish Translation Added
*Frozen Loading Window Animation Fixed [Mac only]
*Internal Stability improvements


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Re: KORG PA Manager v2.1 [RELEASED]

Postby midimusa » 12 Nov 2015, 23:35

Program made an update successfull.


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