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by Erik
17 Jan 2015, 04:59
Forum: Feature Request
Topic: Factory Banks [low priority]
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Re: Factory Banks [low priority]

Yes, the editing function factory banks need, there are a lot of empty seats, without it uncomfortable. If possible, do this function.
by Erik
24 May 2014, 11:44
Forum: Languages
Topic: KORG PA Manager in Russian [included in v1.1]
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KORG PA Manager in Russian [included in v1.1]

Hi All,
I made a translation of KORG PA Manager in Russian.
You can download the file "" at the bottom of this message.
by Erik
23 May 2014, 16:24
Forum: Bugs & Errors
Topic: Two Bug's [RESOLVED]
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Two Bug's [RESOLVED]

Hi all! I found two problems with this software. My operating system Windows 7 Ultimate. 1. When I close the window of the program, process KORG PA Manager is not unloaded from the list of processes in Windows Task Manager. 2. Run KORG PA Manager, choose the STYLE MANAGER and click a few times here ...

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